Monday, July 16, 2007

Holidays Schmallidays (AKA My First BCS Attempt)

Hey guys! So I need to stop starting blogs and never completing them. This was started July 4th. So what's been new eh? Well, I recently moved Linda into a new apartment. That was a day filled with screaming, sweating and aching...unfortunately none of that was of the good variety. I also took some time to check out Transformers the Movie twice. While all you haters out there have all your complaints, I think it was hella good.

So I was talking to my buddy Double-M about this before he left my life forever, and I decided to make my BCS Top 5 Worst Pop/Rock Bands. So without further adieu, here it is.

  1. Nickelback
  2. Creed
  3. Maroon 5
  4. Three Doors Down (Definition 4)
  5. (Post-Black Album) Metallica Good Charlotte

Honorable Mention: Simple Plan & Avril Levigne

In other news, I've become addicted to Virtual NES since Terry showed this to me 2 weeks ago. Also, I finally went to the Optometrist to get new contacts and now I just have to schedule a Dentist appointment. By the way, this is a rambling blog, so BEAR with me.

I remember sitting down last night and thinking of something important I wanted to put in my blog, but that apparently was forgotten in the time I slept, so I leave you with a fun video embed.

Nevermind, I remember what it was. So everyone probably remembers my recent obsession with Guitar Hero II. Well last night, my buddy Morgan introduced me to a new game that is going to take this country by storm (its Russian). It roughly translates to FLUTE HERO! Use your keyboard numbers to play, P.S. it is fucking hard. And now the video (SFW with headphones).


D Wheezy said...

Did you have to look up the word "adieu" for spelling purposes?

I know I did.

B Vasquez said...

Not when you have auto-spell check from Google installed