Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hiatus Over, Bring on the Lime Juice

I know what you're thinking, and to tell you the truth I just sort of make up words together and put it in the title. So I decided to post on here since I'm not too busy right now and I'm normally too frickin' busy most of the other time.

...That last paragraph was written on May 31st...Holy SHITE! So lets see...what has been going on. Well since the last time we spoke, I have broken(NSF Your Health) a toe. I have also managed to get to Seattle (where I am writing to you from) 5 hours late, not be able to wear my suit and tie all week due to lost luggage, slept on a bed in which you feel all springs and the pillows might as well be small pieces of cloth, had no shampoo the first morning I woke up in the hotel and no housekeeping for the entire week either. Worst travel arrangement evar? I think so.

So I haven't watched professional wrestling in years, but when I was flipping through the channels on Monday. I couldn't help but watch this:

...WOW! Why did this seem like a good idea? If you wanted to pretend the wrestling soap opera was real, or if the fans wanted to think it was real, you've just blown that. There is no way that anyone will think that wrestling is real now and I bet a lot of people are pissed. Because if Vince McMahon really died, there would be a lot more press about it, not just wrestling stuff. Not to mention the camera just happening to be there. Now, I know the intelligent people reading this blog probably know wrestling is fake, but all those people thinking it was real must be pissed.

Last for the day, I have a birthday coming up soon, and I don't really care. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. But whatever it is, you guys get me anything yet? And of course, random video (sorta NSFW due to excessive language).

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