Saturday, September 22, 2007

Personality Tests and Quizzes Are Awesome!

I'm am sick and fucking tired of these goddamn personality tests, or other online tests that some pretentious asshole makes up and then spreads it like a fucking chain letter. All of a sudden everyone has it somewhere which forces you to not only use your mouse wheel to scroll the fuck away from this bullshit, but also asks you to take the same stupid test. And to make matters even worse, some of these pro-choice poster children then send you messages saying "Hey, did you ever check out that stupid fucking Quiz/Test I sent you? Are you the same type of person as me?!?!?!!!!!!one!!! LOL, OMG I <3 U"...

It really makes you understand what some people mean when they say "I think I want to kill myself". With the internets turning more and more to retards, I see no end in sight for these Satan spawned torture chambers. So for everyone who wanted to know what you REALLY are from these shit encrusted quizzes, I give you the "default" answer.

And for anyone who is thinking "Hey, I like those quizzes, they are entertaining AND informative", I suggest you cut off all ties with me and go play jump rope in the middle of the freeway.

P.S. I bought an iPhone. Thats right, an iPhone. Yes, an iPhone.

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