Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally Television is Back

So I'm not sure if everyone reading the ole texts here knows this, but I love my television. So every year when October hits, I start to get pissed off. I'll tell you why, because I fucking hate baseball and for some ungodly reason, Fox (the good one, not the News) likes to show it during my favorite shows. So October usually means I have maybe 1 new episode of Prison Break and House the entire month. This makes for a pissed off Mexican (NSFW At ALL!). Lucky for me I just bought Showtime, which offers a shit load of good television. It all started with Dexter (intrigued?). Now I started watching Weeds, which is funny and has the guy from 40 Year Old Virgin in it. Also, Californication is not bad either, though Moulder as a weird sex writer who has sex all the time is weird.

So there's not much else going on, just that. So here's your ending video. (NSFW due to Language)

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