Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Guitar Hero is First Class (A Blatant Ripoff of Danny Boy)

So I just read some very interesting news from my friend Wheezy about Guitar Hero III. So click that link...I'll wait... Ok, so they are possibly releasing it on DS now. My question is, WHY?! While I love my Guitar Hero (though I can't get passed Through the Fire and Flame on Medium much less Expert), what is the point to releasing it on a screen the size of my thumb. Next we'll be seeing it on the iPhone (I would actually like that) which would be just as ridiculous.

So I didn't really have much else to say, just thought that was ridiculous. If I was good at the artworks like Wheezy maybe I'd draw an amusing comic about Guitar Hero on an iPhone, but instead I'll just place his comic on my page and pretend I made it.

1 comment:

D Wheezy said...

If you're going to take a comic and "pretend it's your own" - you should at least change the URL at the bottom of the comic to your blog instead of mine, then maybe switch the punchline from

"Must be fans of the comic"


"Must be fans of my extremely rarely updated blog, or as I like to call it - my internet time capsule."

Thanks for the kinda weird blogger love though.