Monday, May 7, 2007

Boys Don't Cry They Prefer Ballin' and Shot Callin' Tear Drops Fallin', I'm Jonesin' Harder Than Gollum Please God Say That's London Callin'

So this weekend was Cinco de Mayo which of course was perfect for my Mexican heritage. Have you ever gone to a liquor store and been given a sample? Well I can now say I have. It was like going to Sam's Club with my mom except instead of small pieces of undercooked hotdogs, I was given liquor! Spec's Liquor was the place I went for this, and let's just say that I wish they didn't have a 1 sample limit.

Wow, so this window has been open for almost 4 hours as I got ADD kickin' in again, but I guess its better than turrets syndrome (Probably NSFW). So this weekend I decided to spend a lot of money again going out to eat, but I was pretty happy with Spiderman 3. Still not 1 & 2 good, but I liked it.

So what happened to Andy Milonakis anyway? What makes me think of this is my slight obsession with watching Andy Samberg lately (see video below). SNL sucks a big one in my opinion, but the Digital Shorts (usually with Andy) make me LAWL IRL. Speaking of LAWL, I recently checked out which I had not watched since Episode 8 and they are on 13 I'm probably going to have to catch up. But nothing will ever be as good as FPS Doug and his shenanigans.

Anyway, guess that's it for now folks, so I'll leave you with the videos that Wheezy pointed out so nicely that I missed last time. There are a few parts that are NSFW without headphones.


D Wheezy said...

Tourettes guy is the worst thing to ever happen to the internet. Although Andy Milonakis is a pretty close second.

On the Andy Samberg front though - check out his old comedy group's site.

Double M said...

Longest title ever. I'm gonna start calling you Panic! at the Blogspot.