Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No one reads, but everyone cries.../emo

So I realize not many people know about my new web log (thanks Dwight) but I guess it should make me get in touch with old friends. Since I moved to Austin, the only people I talk to and hang out with are work friends (with a handful of exceptions). The problem is, and I'm sure if you're reading this you know, I like to talk...a lot. So most people reading this don't need to read this to hear about anything new...because I probably already talked to you about this 5 minutes ago. Anyway, enough rambling, I need to find more people to read this and that's the end of that rant.

So for the last month or so I finally stopped being such a workaholic and working from home every single night for 4 hours or so (usually meaning a 60+ work week at least). I finally stop doing this as I was going out of town a lot and finally doing things in my personal life, though now it looks like I'm back to more of the same. Monday evening was spent away from work, but yesterday I worked from about 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM with only a break for lunch and dinner (and the occasional chess game, so really take off about 2 hours from that). Today was more of the same, getting in around 7:30 and leaving around 6 only to get home, make a grilled cheese and log back on for another 2 and a half hours. This is putting a damper on my guitar hero practice, as well as my house being clean.

This weekend should be a good one, Friday I'm going downtown with Linda, James and his wife. Saturday will be spent sleeping in, probably cleaning up and then (finally) Spider-Man 3! (do I really need a link?) I gotta wait until Linda gets off work for that one, if you're wondering. Sunday will be spent at the pool, relaxing and burning the shit out of myself, probably followed by some Volleyball. So if you're looking for me this weekend, there's my entire plans laid out for you.

I'll leave you with one last random video (maybe I'll make a habit of this).

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D Wheezy said...

The non suicidal dude combined with the hair of the suicidal dude looks like you.