Tuesday, November 6, 2007

F&*$ing $h17

Goddamn it, I've told you guys millions of fucking times how much I love television. Then you fuckers at [insert entertainment corporation of your choice] decided to fuck me over and screw up my TV because they can't pay writers and so there's a strike. So, lets go through the run down.

  • The Office - Pretty much dead since the writers are also actors (maybe 2-3 more episodes tops, I read only 1 episode somewhere, we'll see)
  • Scrubs - The last fucking season better fucking finish
  • 24 - Postponed...fucking postponed, that means my 24 episodes back to back has to wait even fucking longer
  • Lost - Most likely condensed to 8 episodes. Ok, so not only do you split the planned 2 seasons (24 episodes each) to 3 seasons (16 episodes each), but now this next Season is only 8 episodes?! And I'm guessing you're still going to want 50 fucking dollars for it on DVD as well right? DOUCHEBAGS!
  • House M.D. - At least this doesn't have tons of on going shit, I will at least enjoy these last few episodes
  • Chuck - eh, good show, gotten into it but won't cry
  • Dexter - I swear I will turn into Dexter if they fuck with this show
  • Weeds - another eh
  • Prison Break - THE LAST FUCKING SEASON. If this dies I will be extremely pissed.
  • Daily Show/Colbert Report - Already gone, meaning I'm stuck to watching random movies or re-runs to fall asleep to.

And speaking of Colbert, they are not allowing him to run in South Carolina, fuck them too.

So is pretty much Shit McShit day for me now. Guess I'll have to spend more time reading, writing music, programming that website I keep talking about and writing the script for my first attempt at a movie.

Oh, and I lost a bet with Dan, I now owe him some amount of money for not posting last Thursday/Friday as well as my lame Wednesday post. Sorry for the lack of links this time, I was really just pissed and here's a video.


TK said...

I was going to make fun of you, and what appeared to be a lame video...until the very end. Great stuff! Especially after the way that condescending Peruvian kid was looking at the camera at the beginning.

D Wheezy said...

I think the amount of money for the bet was something in the realm of 10 dollars.

You could just fly down to Florida and buy me a drink - I'd call it even.