Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Important Bitch!!!!

I came to a strange realization last night driving down the road. That is, we all have the ability to change someone's mood and or day, even if we having no fucking clue who they are. Here's the scenario:

I'm at a stop light last night when I turn and see two people next to me, laughing and having a good time with their window rolled down. At this time, my imagination started to run and I realized that I had the ability to change the mood of that entire car from one of happy friendship, to one of (headphones for this link) pissed off rage. To do this, all I would need to do is roll down my window and yell this phrase I came up with at the time.

"Hey you dumb fucking bitch, stop fucking laughing and drive your fucking car you stupid fucking piece of shit! Go fuck yourself, your parents never even wanted you!"

Now before you start saying "Brandon, WTF is wrong with you?! Why would you do that?!" To answer your question, I did not do that and never would but I'm just saying I realized that I had the ability to ruin that person's day with that one little thing. Yes, that would be mean, ridiculous and fucked up, but every single one of us has had one time where someone on the road has done something while driving to piss us off, and you know the next few minutes are at least different for you. Imagine if someone said THAT to you, you'd be pissed because you'd have no idea why some stranger said this and if they then took off you'd probably never know and spend at least a good 15-30 minutes trying to figure it out. To top it off, you'll probably talk about it to people you see and re-live the experience over and over again. Pretty fucking crazy.

On a side note, I was in a weird mood yesterday and had to write up a script for a demo presentation my group is giving in about a month. When I emailed the first draft to my group, I decided to put this (minus the links) in the Subject:

First Draft of Demo Script for Brown Bag Lunch in Which We Will Discuss ATA and Show the Prototype so that the people in the audience can then see what it does but we will also explain to them what it does with spoken word in order to make sure they understand and we will go into more detail on what the future release will hold which will make a lot of people really excited to see what happens and then we can all go out for some punch and pie afterwards unless you don't like punch...or I guess pie. But who doesn't like pie? Seriously, my friend Rich from Elementary School use to hate pie and I told him he wasn't human and pushed him down on the playground. I think I got 4 days of detention for that but it got cut down to 1 when they found out Rich didn't like pie. Because seriously, that's insane. There are so many different types of pies, its completely impossible and improbably to not like Pie. I mean, why even live? You have apple, pumpkin, pecan (I myself am not a fan), cherry cheesecake (I know it says cake but don't be fooled), and many more.

I got an email from my boss letting me know I forgot the eom at the end of that, I thought that was cute.

So I was browsing the internets when I found an old rap video. In aforementioned video you will notice one dude wearing a Texas A&M hat...WTF?!

Anyway, sorry for not many links today, was in a hurry. Here's a video for my lack of posting recently (hint: it's not funny just nostalgic).


Double M said...

If your co-workers read your blog they wouldn't be surprised about your long ass subject because they would have seen this title on your blog:

Boys Don't Cry They Prefer Ballin' and Shot Callin' Tear Drops Fallin', I'm Jonesin' Harder Than Gollum Please God Say That's London Callin'

That's right: a link to your own blog in the blog comments. And the death spiral begins...

D Wheezy said...

Not gonna lie Brandon, I think you're giving yourself a bit too much credit. Just because you're capable of yelling a string of profanity at a group of people doesn't mean that you're likely to influence them in anyway whatsoever.

But you never know I guess.